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#57 - Brent Kepfer & Megan Casebier of the CHIERS/Portland Sobering Stations

Brent Kepfer is a 2x cancer survivor & works for CHIERS (Central City Concern Hooper Inebriate Emergency Response Service) where him and his crew take severely intoxicated people, or those suffering from an acute reaction to drugs, that could be potential risk to themselves and others. Public safety and personal health risks make it critical to get these individuals off the street quickly, and into a safe environment
Megan Casebier works in the sobering station where the intoxicated homeless individuals go to come down from their high and where Megan - being certified EMT, can help aid those in recovery and make sure they are safe and well recovered.

We talk about the growing problem of homeless public intoxication, why CHIERS is a valuable program, the everyday happenings on the street as well as in the sobering stations, and the forever growing battle of addiction.

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