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Conquer Studios


You can start your podcast by just renting the Honor & Conquer Podcast equipment to use. Not only do you get the H&C gear, you also get to take advantage of your own personal audio engineer, guidance and support along the way

What I can do before you start your show

  • Set up mic stands/mic setup
  • Check audio levels
  • Do a soundcheck
  • Double check with you that you are satisfied with the audio setup
  • A quick run down with microphone etiquette and answer any questions (if any)

During the show

  • Do live audio leveling
  • Be your on air information fact checker
  • Make sure you can be heard clearly via the mixer
  • Be your time checker (if needed)

After the show

  • Export and uploading of the audio
  • Send you the audio file
  • Help with additional uploading to your podcast/blog page

Outside of the show

  • 1 on 1 meet ups/calls to talk about future episodes (1 Hour)
  • Goals for your podcast
  • Help create a layout for the show (if needed)
  • Help with iTunes & other podcast RSS link uploading
  • Give advice for artwork for your podcast (needed if you plan on uploading to iTunes & other websites)

The price of this package covers

  • 2 months & 2 podcast episodes a month (4 Podcast Episodes in total) is a ONE OFF PAYMENT
  • After the initial 2 months, the price drops to $80 A MONTH
  • 2 Podcast Episodes a month remains the same*
  • If you require more episodes in that month it's an extra $25

It takes awhile to get everything up and running, so lets focus on making your show awesome!

As you can see, this package can be as hands on as you like. I enjoy doing podcasting and would love to be involved in any way, shape or form to make it easier for you
So all you need to do is show up, start talking and I'll take care of the rest.
The gear we use can be found in the image attach and can be found in a previous blog post here.


*If you don't use the 2 podcast episodes within that month. It doesn't roll over into the next month

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