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This podcast is bigger than we thought....

The biggest reason why we started this podcast, is to spend time with friends. We tend to overlook the one thing we have freedom everyday; and that’s time. Time to use in any productive manner. So, what I thought was - why don’t we use this to spend time with friends? Talk about things we normally talk about. However, the only difference is it’s recorded for other people to listen to.
As well as that, I wanted to know my friends more, I wanted to know their passions and goals within their career and help out in any way that I could. With almost 30 episodes done, I am very honored to have had as many conversations with friends of old and new. Letting me take a glimpse into their everyday life and their future.

One thing I didn’t take into account, was the positive feedback we would get from the listeners. Reaching out to us saying how much they like the show, or sharing a similar experience as one of our guests on the show. This rings very true with our past guest.

"I spent all of my money on food & hotel rooms"
- Tyler explaining his situation during college

On Episode 17 we had Tyler Bubin on the show, he’s a CrossFit Athlete out of CrossFit Athletics in Pittsburgh, PA. He wanted to come on the show to share his story of struggle with his eating disorder at the age of 16 years old. During the show he goes into great detail, explaining the lengths he had to go through to keep his disorder a secret; from renting hotel rooms to binge eat to his recovery and how CrossFit changed his life

A while ago, I received an email from Tyler saying that a student reached out to him saying what Tyler said on the show hit home with this individual. This person related to Tyler’s story, that this person went into detail via email explaining this personal story.

Below is the email, names and nicknames have been removed out of respect for this individual's privacy

I'm (name removed) , that little freshman kid you taught to  power clean at the (location name removed)  a little while ago. Just wanted to say I came across your podcast you did with honor and conquer podcast and I went through the same thing as you my sophomore year of high school.

I was born with an acid reflux problem and was put on a strict diet from since I was born. When I was about 12, I went in for a routine scoping procedure where they check out my esophagus, and the doctors found major esophagus erosion and deterioration.

I had been cheating on the diet the doctors gave me, and I had been eating lots of greasy and acidic foods all throughout the day and late at night before bed, causing the foods to sit in my esophagus all night when I lay down and slowly deteriorate it. The doctors then told me that if my esophagus kept deteriorating, I would get esophageal cancer and to me anything associated with the word cancer meant something really bad.

I immediately cut all foods out that the doctors recommended I cut out. My esophagus got better but then I got yeast infections in my esophagus due to it's lack of mobility. This caused me to cut sugary foods out of my diet totally because my aunt told me that sugar fed yeast. Also, the doctors told me i had to have a low fat diet, so i cut out as much fat as I reasonably could, including "healthy" ones like cheese, oil, butter, etc.

This restriction of foods also came at a time in my life when sports were becoming very competitive and tryout ages were beginning at schools. I, like you was very into sports, and always looking for an edge. I looked on the internet and soon got it in my mind that a six pack translated to automatic success on the sports field. I looked for the best way to get a six pack and found that low carb was the "best way." So here at about 15 years old, already on a diet restricting fats and greasy foods, I found myself cutting out carbs until, like you at one point,  I literally ate 0 carbs a day.

All of these little restrictions and disordered eating habits slowly built up over those four years until by the age of 16, after having not grown for four years and having all my classmates grow up around me and me lose weight until I was 4' 9" and 77 lbs, my parents began to think that something was really wrong with me after numerous comments from family friends about how skinny I looked.

I was soon admitted into COPE for anorexia nervosa for almost a year, going through all the different COPE stages and almost killing myself water loading to try to trick the people into thinking I was gaining weight. Junior year i was back in high school and now I'm here at (place removed) at a pretty healthy weight but I really want to hit my growth spurt.

I picked up crossfit on my own middle of senior year and I completely fell in love with it. However, due to the cost mostly, I've never been in a box or got formal coaching. I still have bad body image days. But, I'm really trying to put on more weight, hit that growth spurt, and eventually, as stupid as this sounds, truly be able to participate in crossfit competitions.

I want to be the next Josh Bridges or at least as strong as you, and i just need some pointers and guidance on how to eat and how to train if I want to hit your level eventually. I figure you're the best person to ask because you are a living example of how someone can do this. If you could just give me a few tips on types of workouts I should be doing and how many meals a day i should be eating, I would really appreciate it.

I just need some guidance from someone I can really trust and believe in. I guess what I'm trying to say is any help would be awesome.

When I received this email, It changed my perspective on how we approach a podcast, and the information provided on this show. I love that this podcast can reach people needing education or in this case help from a fellow survivor. We all can’t afford to waste time in this world, we need to help each other advance or at least try your best to understand certain situations and it’s emails like this one above that make me think that this is bigger than just a microphone and an audio mixer.

If you are seeking help you can visit NEDA on there is a hotline you can call with people who are willing to listen and help