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Salt Lake City UT, OTR Blog

Our daily morning ritual 

With the plan the night before being 'Let's sleep in' didn't exactly work as our body clocks woke us up at 6am. As we started to move, we have found ourselves to be very good at packing up our bags as we have a morning routine all sorted out.
With this being Day 4, it has occurred to me that we are almost done with this entire trip and that all this planning that went into this trip and Portland, OR being our new home started to sink in the more we drove.

Once we had our complimentary breakfast thanks to the Comfort Inn in Denver, we hit the road again with our game faces on and ready for the new adventure that today had in store for us. We didn't go through the way most people expected us to go, which was through the mountains. Instead, we went up and around which shaved off an hour. However, the way we went was baron city.

All dry, flat, very little curves or hills to the road. Just open air and not a lot of food or gas stations on our road. The speed limit was 75 to 80 mph (roughly 105/110kms) I thought Kansas City to Denver was rough. This trip was on another level.

There weren't a lot of stops on our drive. But, when we saw one. We jumped at the chance

After an 8/9 hour drive, we got into Salt Lake and the views were simply amazing. Nice cool breeze broke the heat (which I don't need any tan of any kind on this brown skin) and now in a different hotel room, in a different city, in a different state repeating to myself 'This is actually happening'

Ollie getting her walk in

As I sit here, thinking about my personal journey. I never thought I would get married, would live outside of my hometown, would live in America, would own my own business and to be honest, be stoked about life.
Life is this really weird thing where if you take yourself to seriously, then what is your definition of fun? We all can be okay with life. But, how can we be stoked about it?

The more and more we drive everyday, I think to myself. I don't know what I'm doing now. But, I know what I feel is right, with the people I love, doing the things I love. That's my definition of Life