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Portland, OR: OTR Blog

'Excitement, Stress and happiness: The emotions of our last day of traveling'

Our Rest Stop just outside of Boise, ID to take Ollie for a walk and play

The day has finally arrived, our last leg of the trip, 7 days on the road travelling, seeing the sights and sounds of America has been a fun, exciting, exhausting experience to say the least. I'm truly appreciative of this chance to do something outside of my comfort zone. As our motto goes 'Redefining Comfort Zone' meaning always go beyond what you think you're capable of.

Our day starts at 5am (mountain time) we already pre-packed the car, fueled up the car and wiped the windscreen (bugs were a nightmare on this trip) the night before as  we wanted to get a fast jump on the day. As soon as the morning alarm sounds, we roll out of bed, clothes on and out the door. Meghan has become quite the car trunk packing guru so I look after Ollie (our dog) as Meghan plays 3D Tetris with our trunk

The car that took us across the country

We hit the road at 5:30am feeling good and refreshed as we guzzle down Monster Coffee Energy Drinks to 'wake us up'. During the duration of the journey, it finally hits us that this is our last day, and that Portland, OR will be our new home. We have spent everyday together, with her as the navigator and me as the driver, getting in arguments, playing car games, having massive Backstreet Boyz sing-a-longs and being in wonderment with the amazing views we had encountered on our 7 day trip across America

The drive into Portland was stunning, mountains, lakes and rivers, it was a familiar feeling, as some of the scenery here reminds me of some parts of New Zealand. At this point, we start to get comfortable, everything has fallen into place, and the sense of accomplishment has come over us, then at 40 miles out of Portland, we get an email from our new landlord saying 'We need a letter of employment and your earnings before you can move in' Basically means, if you don't get this letter ASAP you won't have a home to sleep in tonight.

'from comfortable to uncomfortable'

This in mind, we go from comfortable to extremely uncomfortable, we have no idea what to do nor do we know how to get a letter. We start brainstorming about ideas of what we can do, so instead of going straight to our new apartment - and at this point we couldn't call it ours because we technically don't have anymore - we go straight to my new store 

  • Introduce myself 
  • Banter with my new boss
  • Get to know the layout of the store
  • Then ask for a letter of employment, earnings per month and explain to him if we don't get this letter, we will have no apartment to stay in for the night and have little money for an extended stay hotel

I don't know about you. But, what a way for a first time introduction. Luckily for me, my new boss was awesome and typed one up for me in minutes  - as well as another boss I have. But, that's a little hush hush at the moment. Long story short, thanks to the awesome people that Meghan and I surround ourselves with, they all helped us out in a big way and we got our new apartment. My Mother & Father in-laws Terry & Mary Gaab have given us the chance to fulfill our individual opportunities and given us multiple chances to advance. In return, all Meghan and I want to do is to make them proud and that all their love and support poured into us wasn't wasted.

First day of move in. It's messy now. But, it will be our home as days go by

The Conclusion

We all have the chance to do something great, something risky, something that requires you to go deep into whatever your career or life passion is. Our something risky was to move to Portland, OR to do something great for Meghan's career and for me with Honor & Conquer.
Meghan and I just want to make sure that when we start having kids, and we get older to a point where we can watch our kids flourish. We don't want to look back and say 'I wish we would have......' 

Meghan and I finally in Portland