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Podcast Equipment We Use

We've had a lot of questions about what items we use to do the podcast and the overall cost of it all. This list is all the items I use.
(Note: I own an iPad to record the podcast. So this equipment is specifically for the iPad. However, Most of this equipment can be used on a  PC)

BossJock Podcast App - $9.99

This is the interface of the said app BossJock. It's insanely easy to use. You can find tutorials online with how to use it if you do get stuck. The colored carts can indicate certain things from importance to time frame etc etc

This USB connection kit runs the audio interface on the iPad to the USB mixer that I use

Behringer QX1202USB 12-Channel Mixer
MUSIC Group Commercial LU Sàrl

This 12 channel mixer is a USB mixer. Which means, You can plug into a USB port on any given computer or whatever it is you will use to record. I prefer to use a mixer as I can manipulate the audio in real time and check the audio to each individual mic

BEHRINGER HPM1000 Headphones
Behringer USA

These are a nice and comfortable over the ear style headphones. Although they aren't noise cancelling. They do provide a crisp and clear sound - perfect for starting up your show

These cables are the cheapest cables I could find on amazon. They are nice and long, sturdy in build - and great for the early stages of building your hardware for the podcast

Everyone has a different preference on booms/mic stands. I prefer this type of stand as it allows me to have freedom of movement with the mic as I'm fidgety and can't sit in one stop for too long.

These microphones are great. There are ones that are definitely better than this and are studio quality. However, with the budget given and having the mixer. This is perfect for me and I'm sure will upgrade in the coming months


This gear is perfect for starting out and you can find groups on Facebook and other forums if you wanted to upgrade and resell your old gear. The equipment has served me well and I hope it does the same for you as well.