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Is this worth it?......

Recently, I had a thought after editing 6 podcasts for the show.
That thought was, why am I doing this?
I'm putting in a lot of work that doesn't pay off most the time.

I'm getting cancels and rejections left and right and as I submitted the 6th podcast for release in a month's time.
I said to myself out loud......is this worth it?

I have semi successful podcast, I have done almost 100 episodes. Yet, I feel like there is no value in the material that I with the help of others have created. Then, I redirected my thinking to how I started it. It started because Honor & Conquer and it’s funds ran dry and I had to come up with an idea to create traffic to the website.
Then, the podcast was born. With simply an iPad that was given to me by my Father in-law and the built in microphone, I did episodes with friends. I sat down with them and talked about their passions, their goals, and life journey to be a better version of themselves.


I didn’t have sponsors, I didn’t have a following, I didn’t have equipment, I didn’t even have a fucking clue what I was doing. Yet, I still wanted to make that connection with my friends that was deeper than ‘Hello, How’s your day?’

That was March 2015 fast forward to April 2016 and we are currently sitting at almost 500 people subscribed to the podcast with hundreds of downloads a week, and with trusted brands that sponsor the show.

So then I ask myself another series of questions.
Am I working hard for these opportunity?
Am I enjoying this process?
Am I in love with what I do?

Do I know the people I have on the show on a different level?
Have I made those connections?
Short answer: You’re fucking right I have.

So going back to my original statement saying ‘Is this worth it’ I recently got my very first check from a sponsor that paid me more than I’ve ever been paid by something I created. I still haven’t deposited it because I can’t believe where I am, with what I have done, and what I’ve created that the pure thought of getting money for my idea is crazy.
Then, a word came into my head and that word is consistency.

You can have a great work ethic. But, if you hate the process and can’t apply yourself to that. Then, the word consistency has no meaning nor room in your goals or what you think are your goals.

Know what you want, Love what you do, Sacrifice nothing. But, become good at balancing everything. Is this worth it?...........Fuck Yes!