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Definition: What's the worst advice someone has given you?

I was featured on the AboutTime social media channels and feel that the quote in the photo needs to be explained a little bit more in-depth. So, I'll try my best to explain it to you.

I guess the root of the quote is all about definition. The definition of a word, the definition of passion, success, money. We all have a different perspective in what that something means

When I say 'if you start something purely based on money, you'll be broke forever'  I 100% stand by that. What that means however, is you'll always want to obtain a higher value of money. $100 isn't good enough, let's shoot for $200, $200 isn't good enough lets shoot for $300 so on and so on.

Don't get me wrong though, money is great. It can buy you the things you want, to make life easier and manageable to a certain extent, and that's what I mean by starting something purely with passion and love. The desire to see people do amazing things with their respective talents makes me happy as I know that what they are doing is with passion and love with a level of certain income but not driven by dollar signs

Be a good person first, help those around you and actually mean it, not say it and only mean it half heartedly, listen more and talk less.
I'm in no way shape a life coach or giving anyone advice. But, it has worked for me so why not share it with those willing to listen.