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Conquer Studios: What is it?


There have been past conversations with individuals about how to start a podcast, what gear to use, where to record, the subject matter, etc
All these things of course matter. But, some people miss the desire for education, listening and and wanting that connection. You can't be selfish with time nor can you with yourself.

It's charisma that shines through any type of show you put together - on some shows you'll hear about chemistry and you need that with your guests and more importantly your audience

Enter Conquer Studios, I want to help your podcast create a great platform for topics you have a passion for, it's a great confidence builder, even gives a platform for your audience to give feedback to. We just want to help you prepare those necessary parts so you are set up for success. You are paying for me to take the guesswork out of the many moving parts that happens with a podcast, some from:

  • Live audio leveling
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Uploading process 
  • The artwork needed; iTunes especially needs a required size, in a certain pixel count

That's just to name a few but steps that me awhile to figure out.


Conquer Studios is the solution to the questions you already have that's stopping you from moving forward with you idea. We don't want to highjack your idea, we don't want to put our name on your business/podcast logo. We want to be far far faaaaaaaar in the back...so far back that you'll start asking people "Where is Dion" We just want to help in any form we can. Start your podcast today, stop just thinking about it and really go for it. Book your session with us today!