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Boise, ID: OTR Blog

Ollie keeping a close eye on what's going on in Salt Lake City, UT

Today being the 2nd to last drive on this trip, I can't believe that this is all coming to an end. This in mind and since this drive was only 6 hours long. We decided to go for a hike at the Ensign Peak Trial. After our last lackluster breakfast complimented by Comfort Inn, Car packed, Snacks packed and Ollie on board. We took to the road.

The one thing I love about Salt Lake City is how everything is so open aired, traffic is pretty chill. But, construction is such a hassle. Once we found our trial, we packed water bottles and a doggy bowl for Ollie we started off strong......well Ollie and Meghan did. I on the other hand, I was a wheezing 245lbs man, heaving myself up mammoth hills, repeating to myself 'This is helping my cardio and adding to my fitness level' (So I thought)

On top of Ensign Peak Trail. Beautiful views and a great way to start the morning before the drive

I thought Ollie could use a much needed rest from walking....as you can see. She's thrilled

The views were simply amazing, I was thinking to myself about how I probably wouldn't be doing this drive ever again, so make the most of this moment, making the most of the moment apparently meant picking up Ollie for a photo.


Our lives for the past week, open road, and mini games to pass the time

Our lives for the past week, open road, and mini games to pass the time

Once on the road, it felt like it was the longest drive so far, even though it was only 6 hours. The rest stops become less occurring, the gas stations charged insane amounts ($3.15 per gallon), and patience for other motorists was wearing thin. But, the ultimate goal of Portland was getting closer and closer by everyday.

As we drove into Boise, we noticed that it's all dusty.....Like, dust is so thick, we couldn't see some parts of the city and it smelt like oil and road tar. With this introduced into our system, we pulled into our hotel at Sleep Inn - a feeling of 'Thank fuck we are here' always comes over us. However, thanks to the people at Sleep Inn, they fucked up our reservation (forgot to add 'with a pet') so long story short, we have no place to stay.....now during our mini freak out, I was keen to just keep driving to Portland (6 hours away). However, thanks to my Father in-law we sorted us out with new hotel.....which wasn't any better - But, a bed is a bed when you're tired.

During dinner, Meghan and I were talking about the future. Meaning the times we live in now, with our personal stories, journeys, memories together, etc. Our kids won't know the struggles we went through to create a career, they will only know us as 'Mum & Dad' (or Mom for you Americans) so now is the perfect time to create as many stories as we can, to share them with our kids in the future.