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Sponsor Highlight: AboutTime, Why we believe in them

First package from AboutTime

First package from AboutTime

My former CrossFit coach told me about this local company that has 100% clean products and that I should try it. I fell in love with what they stood for and what ingredients they used. At this point I was experimenting with food and what works and what doesn't and became fully immersed in AT. So, I became affiliated with AboutTime on March 17th 2014, I remember emailing the owner Devenee Schumacher  on a winter afternoon, asking if they had any opportunities within the company to grow. Then, a few minutes later I got an email back saying YUP! you can be an ambassador!

That's when I found out that it's more than just another protein supplement company. Everything in their line is 100% natural and clean and if you haven't listened to the podcast with the owner then you have to have a listen we talk about her passion for quality and integrity and her role within the food industry long before the idea of AboutTime even came along

When I take this product I know that this will be good for my body and this is 100% clean, the stigma with other companies is that you have big names behind those products telling you that this is good and you automatically trust their word because they look a certain way or they have a body that you want so you think that I must take this to look like that

WHY NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF! That's what I did, trust yourself, trust that you know your body well enough to know what's good and what's pure shit.