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Why did we start a Patreon page?

We want this show to be sponsored by you! Below you'll read about why we started it, what your reward looks like and how big our goals are for 2016. In a nutshell. Patreon is a place where friends, family and fans come together to support the projects they know and love. We have it setup as a monthly sponsorship from as little as $1 a month to however you want. Each sponsorship you make - you will be rewarded with exclusive content only available to Patreon pledges.

When you pledge, you will be a part of our journey to fulfilling the podcasts' goals and educating newcomers to what Honor & Conquer stands for as a lifestyle. Since our launch of the show in March of 2015, we have had significant changes within our business in the best way possible and you as a supporter have been right along with the ride. We don't strive to be the best in the world. We aim to be the most transparent, real and honest business we can be - and the podcast gives us that platform.

Patreon is a way for you to support our podcast and other content on a MONTHLY ongoing basis. I'm always open to feedback whether it's our show and how it can be layed out, if we are talking too much on something, design feedback for our apparel and even potential future blog posts and Q&A's. Any dollar amount goes a long way for us and we offer some exclusive packages and engagement here on Patreon that you won’t find on our website like:

  • Customized podcast sponsorship
  • Cheaper 1 on 1 skype sessions
  • Free apparel
  • Personalized package deals that are found on Conquer Studios

Our goals are big...Like, holy shit is this even possible big. Listed below are what we aim to do when you pledge.

  • Travel around America interviewing interesting and fascinating people within their respective fields
  • Sell our merchandise at regional CrossFit & MMA events spreading our message of conquering goals
  • Have a better studio for our podcast to finally have an HQ
  • Purchase better equipment for our show (we stand strong on the D.I.Y approach)
  • Travel to do 1 on 1 podcast mentoring instead of via Skype

Of course, these are just a small amount of goals. But, we want our content to be full of life and entertaining to the listener & the reader. Honor & Conquer is more than just a brand - We are a lifestyle. we want to make this our full time job and create bigger and better content. There have been times where amazing opportunities have come up for us in the past. But, have had to say no because of financial reasons or couldn't get time off work to accomplish those things.

H&C have taken another step as a business in 2016 and that is offer guidance for new podcasters, where people can meet us for a 1 on 1 goal setting session to talk about their podcast ideas and maybe even layout the blueprint for their show. All of that can be found at Conquer Studios 

Lastly, we aren't big on asking for help especially when it's a small time project like podcasting and creating apparel. But, when you pledge to us, you will become a part of the Conquer Army ready to set goals and conquer them. Be on the team! Pledge now!