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I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm the master of balance....I think

By definition, this is what being called an entrepreneur is. The risk taker, the big business man or woman, the person who does it all.......
But, I thought that was the definition of being a "Business Owner". When did the word "entrepreneur" start becoming an everyday word? Was it thanks to the millennials for the uprise? I guess this word wouldn't have been used so much if the stock market didn't crash in 2008. Either way, everyday there are new businesses making themselves known. The word is being used so much that it has lost it's impact: maybe almost the meaning.

"From punk rock to business socks?.....Fuck no"

Don't get me wrong. I can tell you right now. I am not the smartest man in the world nor am I well educated. However, I guess I could be comfortable with being a business owner rather than an entrepreneur. I haven't risked anything, I haven't risked my finances for my company, I haven't walked or talked over anyone to get to where I am. Honor & Conquer has become something more than just the podcast. I've always said I wanted to be a lifestyle brand - and I stand firmly by that.

I remember being poor and having to jump into supermarket dumpsters to find food. Sometimes I found so much that I would make 2 or 3 trips back and forth from a dumpster then unload the products home at 12/1am armed only with a flashlight and a black backpack. There were times where I had too much and would sell items at local punk rock/hardcore shows for $1 or $2 depending on the item......does that make me an entrepreneur? I guess I had no financial risk...the only risk would be getting caught by the cops. Then does that make me a business owner?....Well, of course not.

"What am I trying to say?"

I'm not a business owner
I'm not an entrepreneur
I'm not a hustler
I'm the master of balance

I am someone who is good at what they do. I balance my time between work, life and play. Does work need to be done? Yes. But, is time with my Wife more important? You're fucking right it is. The work load and my business don't define me as a person. The life I lead and the interactions I make are what people will remember me for. 

*This blog kinda went everywhere. Forgive me.